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Located conveniently inside the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel, City Bar is easily accessed from all over South Boston. Our Seaport location offers a sleek, modern experience, and we’re committed to accommodating everyone from the after work crowd to the late night revelers.  Our menu boasts a variety of seafood dishes and New England classics, as well as a host of vegetarian and gluten-free offerings.  Late Night dining options are available every night of the week.

City Bar’s Seaport location is ideal for all manner of special events, from intimate receptions to boisterous reunions. Our Waterfront location comfortably accommodates up to 80 guests. City Bar’s imaginative menu is designed to inspire and delight every palate, and our bartenders craft some of Boston’s most exciting cocktails. For a quick after-work drink, a hearty meal, or a much-deserved social gathering, City Bar is the Seaport’s solution.

Our Press

A Dozen Places to Drink Whiskey in Boston ~Boston.com, September 2015

"Its dark lighting and swanky, polished décor coupled with a hearty list of wines, cocktails and beers make it an ideal location for a romantic night out." -Nicole Anderson, The Culture Trip, December 2015

"Fathman's Infusions Diabolique are a series of one of kind cocktails that out pace the present infusion trend in bars around the city." ~Dish Magazine, December 2002

"Boston's Best Hotel Bar!." ~Improper Bostonian, Boston's Best, 2004

"Boston's Best Hotel Bar!." ~Improper Bostonian, Boston's Best, 2006

A-List, America's 10 Best Hotel Bars

"There was a certainly good "happy hour" vibe at City Bar, thanks in no small part to the extremely attractive - er, attentive wait staff, who were slinging drinks and flirting in equal measure. Which made us quite happy indeed." ~Linda Rodrigues, Scott Kathan, Stuff @ Night,

"While we're skeptical about chocolate milk's ability to replace electrolytes, we do have faith in the buzzworthy benefits of City Bar's Willy Wonka, a smooth chocolate-flavored vodka martini that features Godiva white and dark, swimming with white créme de cacao." ~Stuff @ Night, July 2012

"It takes a discerning palate to really get infused liquors right. City Bar makes infused liquors heavenly." ~Stuff @ Night, January 2003

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